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Pursuant to federal regulations (23USC134(J)(7)(B)) please find a list of authorizations within the MPO that occurred during the 2023 fiscal year. The law states in part, "An annual listing of projects for which Federal funds have been obligated in the preceding year shall be published or otherwise made available by the metropolitan planning organization for public review." This law does not require that state funds be included in this list. However, state funded projects are included as information. The list identifies the project number, date of the authorization, type of work, amount of work and whether it is state or federal funds. This list includes every project within the MPO. Depending upon the MPO boundaries, some of the projects on the list may not fall within the MPO’s jurisdiction. There were some instances where all of the funds that were previously authorized was not needed. In these cases, a portion of the funding authorization was removed and this negative value is denoted by parentheses. In addition, the MPO is required to post authorizations of funds for all transit projects in the State TIP.