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Current Projects

Each year the Cabarrus-Rowan MPO develops and adopts a unified planning work program (UPWP). The UPWP is the MPO budget and follows the state fiscal year 2023-2024. The UPWP identifies the planning tasks, responsible agencies, and funding sources for regional transportation planning activities to be conducted within the planning area during the next fiscal year. These projects include MPO planning activities undertaken by local agencies and the N.C. Department of Transportation. It also includes transit related planning activities conducted by the Rider transit system. The MPO receives federal funding based on the urbanized area population as defined by the US Census.

FY 2024 MPO Budget

Every two years, the NCDOT releases a 10 year capital program for transportation improvements statewide known as the STIP or TIP. The Cabarrus-Rowan MPO receives a subset of this program for Cabarrus and Rowan Counties. From this subset, the MPO develops a local TIP that is distributed to the public and ultimately approved by the MPO or TAC and NCDOT. In addition, the MPO has a methodology for ranking local project submittals to the NCDOT as part of the Strategic Transportation Investments Law. The Cabarrus-Rowan MPO released the local methodology for scoring projects. Comments will be received thru March 22nd via email. The methodology can be found here.

Transportation Improvement Program for FY 2024-2033

Statewide TIP Funding Distribution Methodology

Statewide TIP Funding Summary

2024-2027 TIP Conformity Analysis and Determination Report

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U-6062 Roll Plot

Conceptual Design - Functional 1

Conceptual Design - Functional 2

50 Percent Concept No. 1

50 Percent Concept No. 2

RR Grade Separation Feasibility Study