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Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP):

MPO staff completed the update of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) in March 2014 and amended in August 2015. The MTP includes the following topics: financial forecasts, project identification, mapping, goals and objectives, and socioeconomic projections. The links below include relevant maps and sections from the most recently adopted MTP.

2040 MTP
2015 Horizon Year Project List
2025 Horizon Year Project List
2030 Horizon Year Project List
2040 Horizon Year Project List
MPO 2040 Volumes to Capacity Ratio
MPO 2040 Volumes


Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP)

The Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) Index and map is the long range plan for road improvements in the Cabarrus-Rowan MPO Area. This plan is a financially unconstrained view of the future road network. The Index reflects existing cross section and right-of-way, future cross sections, and future right-of-way. The table, typical cross sections, and map are listed below:

CTP Index
CTP Maps
NCDOT Typical Cross Sections Part 1
NCDOT Typical Cross Sections Part 2
Traffic Counts


Congestion Management Process

Congested Corridors